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July 15th - White Mountain Motorsports Park

150 lap, PASS North Super Late Models -

(July 15, 2006 - North Woodstock, NH)   On Saturday the 15th,  the Ramstrom Racing Charter Communications #35 made its first visit to the high banks of the White Mountain Motorsports Park for a 150-lap PASS race. The reason for the trip to White Mountain was to gain additional seat time for Derek, but it provided another first. That was running with the PASS Super Late Model North teams.

White Mountain’s track is different from any track the team has seen. Throughout practice, Crew Chief Jeff Ratoff, worked set-up and gearing. By practice’s end, the driver and team were happy with their car’s performance on the 1/4-mile track.

The #35 Monte Carlo started last in the heat race. Spotter (and team owner) Rick Ramstrom radioed instructions to Derek to stay out of trouble and stay at the tail. Derek obeyed, and following the heat the young driver said “that was the most boring thing I’ve done.”

The Ramstrom Racing #35 started last in a field of 23 cars. The first half of the race was an exercise in patience. The car was worked in the back, with the driver learning the track. During the second half of the race, Derek moved the car up into the top-ten. A restart with 11 laps to go, with the car in the number seven spot, proved troublesome. Too much throttle on dirty tires caused Derek to loop the car. All the cars behind the #35 got by. Derek completed his 360, and continued on without bringing out a yellow flag. The car finished 13th, and was brought home whole.

While Saturday’s race was not the best finish for the Ramstrom Racing West Boylston Auto Parts Team in 2006. It was the team and driver’s best race of the year. Throughout the race Derek Ramstom was competitive within a field of very experienced drivers and teams. In a post race interview by Speed51's Bob Dillner, Derek offered up his view on his late race spin. In a display of youthful honesty, Derek told the interviewer it was his own fault, and that no other car touched him. Thankfully, no other cars got gathered up in the mishap.

WHITE MOUNTAIN MOTORSPORTS PARK by Mike Twist and Matt Kentfield


July 9th - Unity Raceway

100 Lap, PASS North Division Outlaw Late Models

3rd Place

(July 8, 2006 - Canaan, NH / July 9, 2006 - Unity, ME) The Ramstrom Racing West Boylston Auto Parts #35 team toughed it through another two-race two-track weekend. The hard work by team and driver provided a third place finish in the 100-lap PASS feature at Unity on Sunday. The previous day, late in the 40-Lap weekly series race at Canaan, Derek Ramstrom had his ride solidly in the top five when a two-car spin with the #55, and a resulting cut tire, sent the car to the pits. The car returned to the race and was able to salvage a 12th place finish.

Following Saturday’s heat race at Canaan, driver Derek Ramstrom felt he had a strong car, and the opportunity for a good run. The starting positions were handicapped by points. This caused the #35 to start in the middle of the 19 car field. Nonetheless, Derek was able to move his car up to fourth, right behind points leader Donnie Lashua’s #08, before the two-car mishap with Jimmy Renfrew in the #55. Following a restart, Derek was on the outside and Jimmy had the inside, both drove hard into the turn. The cars just touched, but it was enough to sent both around

While the damage to the #35 from the spin did not keep the car from finishing, there were still repairs that had to be made for the car to race on Sunday at Unity. Following their race, the team worked in the pits to make the needed repairs. The Ramstrom Racing team members were the last to leave the track. They shut off the lights, locked up the track, and set out for Maine

Sunday at Unity Raceway started out well for the Derek. He won his heat race, and started on the pole. The #35 held the lead for the first 7 laps. During the middle of the 100-lap race Derek displayed some smart side-by-side racing with the Mike Harnish, Jr’s #22, and with Ben Erskine in the #29. At the checkered flag, the Ramstrom Racing #35 was running third, tailing two strong cars and able drivers.
Photos by Chris Roy


July 2nd - Canaan Fair

100 Lap, PASS Central Division Outlaw Late Models

Derek WINS!

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(July 2, 2006 - Canaan, NH ) First place in a 100-lap PASS Outlaw Late Model race that started 25 cars! Certainly, a proud moment for driver Derek Ramstrom and the Charter Communications Ramstrom Racing #35 team. Following the race Derek said his first win of 2006 was at once “fun and hard”.

During Sunday’s practice, Derek suggested some adjustments be made to the car. Crew Chief Jeff Ratoff used the driver’s feedback, and after some team discussion, the changes were made. By the end of practice car owner Rick Ramstrom summed their chances up with “the car is good”

The #35 started 8th (tail) in the heat race. With Rick spotting, Derek passed the necessary couple of cars and finished 6th in the heat. With more than 25 cars trying to qualify for the race, some teams did not make the starting field. The heat finish led to an 18th place start in the feature.

The first PASS Cental race saw the wreck of a ton of cars. However, for the first three quarters of the race Derek was able to both work his Monte Carlo towards the front and stay out of all the trouble. There was a lot of opportunity for trouble – accidents and restarts. One restart, with the #35 hung on the outside, lost Derek several hard fought positions. Following a late race mishap involving the lead cars, the Ramstrom Racing #35 threaded its way to the lead, and did not give it back. During another restart, with Derek leading the field to the green flag, a little to much throttle turned the #35 sideways, but the driver straightened the car, and held onto first place.

In the post race interview, when Derek’s recent graduation from the ninth grade was brought out, the crowd roared. The driver fielded the interview well, thanked his team and sponsors, the Canaan facility and PASS. As the team waited for tech, members of other race teams took time to offer their congratulations on the win. Finally, the Ramstrom Racing team can not say enough about the support and encouragement which many other PASS racing teams have given the #35 team thus far in the 2006 season.

Photos by Chris Roy


June 16th & 17th - Doubleheader

Saturday at Canaan - Weekly Show -
2nd !

Sunday at Unity -  PASS Outlaw Late Models
Hight Chevrolet 100 -
4th !

(June 17, 2006 - Canaan, NH / June 18, 2006 - Unity, ME) This past weekend the Ramstrom Racing Team showed its best racing of the 2006 season. On Saturday at the Canaan Speeday, in the closing laps Derek was chasing down the leader Donnie Lashua. The second place finish in the 40 lapper was the team’s best this year. On a hot Sunday at the Unity Raceway, the Ramstom Racing #35 finished fourth in the caution filled 100 lap race.

During Saturday’s heat race at Canaan, as cars were slowing due to stopped cars on the track, a car got into the left rear quarter of the #35. The hard hit broke the rear end away from its left side trailing arm, bent the rest of the rear suspension, and stuffed the driveshaft and seal into the transmission. The rush to make repairs in time for the feature gave the #35's team its first big test. The team, consisting of Crew Chief Jeff Ratoff, and Crewmembers Chis Hallback and Greg Savignac passed the test. The crash cart provided the suspension parts, but a new rear transmission seal was not available. With no replacement seal on hand, the group brainstormed, and was able to jury-rig (using tin snips to modify and a large hose clamp to hold) a seal in place.

With all the damage the car received in the heat race, there was some question as to how the car would handle when the green flag was dropped for the feature. However, Crew Chief Jeff Ratoff oversaw repairs that were good enough for a nice 40 lap run and the second place finish.

The story at Unity on Sunday was the weather, and perhaps last weeks trip to Florence, SC helped Derek prepare for the hot ride. While the race was 100 green flag laps, team owner and spotter Rick Ramstrom suggested that with all yellows the cars were on the track for over 200 laps.

Derek stands 3rd in points in the PASS Outlaw Late Models North Division:
1) #00 Matt Lee with 653 points  2) #36 Jay Sands 636 
3) #35 Derek at 623
4) #02 Gregory Morse 609  5) #01 Joe Decker 608.

Photo by Mary Lima

Photo by Chris Roy

Photo by Chris Roy
Photos by Chris Roy


Saturday, June 10th
Florence Motor Speedway - Florence, South Carolina
15th place after an race restart pile-up

6/10/2006 – Florence Motor Speedway, Florence, SC) On Friday afternoon, with a forecast of another rainy weekend in New England, the Ramstrom Racing Team set out for the PASS South Carolina Clash. However, the long distance traveled to make the event did not translate into a long run in the race. Early in the race, Derek Ramstrom got gathered up in a restart mishap, and his damaged car was unable to get back into the event.

The decision to travel south was made late in the week, and there was not time to make changes to the car. But running a “crate” motor against cars with a lot more horsepower was not the huge disadvantage it might at first seem to be. On the 4/10 mile track it was not possible to use all of that horsepower help all the time. Derek could get out the corners smoother and quicker. Also, permitted chassis changes could be made in time. Despite the advantage held by the regular PASS South teams, Derek was able to pass a couple of cars during the 12-lap heat race.

Derek Ramstrom participated in the pre-race fan appreciation session. The fourteen-year-old driver from the North was well received by the crowd.

Despite the bad luck in the race, the team and driver felt the trip south was worthwhile. Meeting the PASS South Teams, and observing how the southern teams go about their business was a valuable experience.

Finally, Crew Chief Jeff Rattoff expects to have the Ramstrom Racing #35 in race shape by the weekend.

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